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reconnecting with your purpose

Ready to reconnect with your purpose?

Are you frustrated with the pressure that society puts on you to do more, be more, and “measure up”? If at times it feels like you are giving it your all and the world is crashing down on you, then it might be time to start this journey of reconnecting with a purpose. Whether it’s pressures from home, food or body concerns, stressors from school, or unnecessary influence from our society on how we should look, we are with you.

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We have the eating disorder support you need.

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As human beings, we thrive with community and having other Individuals with similar lived experiences in our corner. At Restored Purpose Counseling, we offer group support to aid on the road to recovery and getting over the bumps along the way.

Group Support

Stressed around meal times? Our team provides meal support - in our office kitchen, out in the real world, or virtually - that allows us the unique opportunity to cook together, try challenge foods, or simply sit together at the table.

Meal Support

Therapy + Nutrition Sessions

Therapy and nutrition sessions really go hand-in-hand when it comes to eating disorder recovery. Together we will work to combat societal norms, get to the messy middle of things, and heal our relationship with food and body through (usually weekly) individual sessions.

1:1 Counseling Sessions

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Access to care through insurance is important to us.

Through support and self-compassion, you can learn to reconnect with your purpose, appreciate your body completely just as it is, and have peace and freedom with all foods (which is hard work with our diet culture). Here at Restored Purpose, we work closely with adolescents and adults of all genders who are just trying to be the best version of themselves, but things like eating disorders, body image, trauma and/or anxiety are getting in their way and holding them back from the things they want to accomplish. 

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reconnecting with your purpose


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