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Interested in joining our dynamic team? We're actively recruiting remote staff nationwide and on-site therapists and dietitians in Jacksonville and Winter Park, Florida. If you're interested in a role that's not currently listed, feel free to contact us via email at admin@myrestoredpurpose.com.

Jacksonville Therapist 

We are currently seeking a Therapist position to join our practice. This is an independent contractor (1099) position that would start off with part time hours and build up to a full-time caseload. Hours are flexible and could include days, nights and/or weekends, depending upon the therapist’s preferences, and our office availability. We are currently looking for candidates with an openness to work in a hybrid model. Candidates within commuting distance of our Jacksonville, FL office would engage in a hybrid model of remote and in person sessions. This position is required to work in our Jacksonville office 2-3 days per week and must commit to at least 10 direct hours per week, but preferably 20-25 direct hours.

The therapist must be committed to utilizing a trauma informed, weight inclusive, Health at Every Size approach and have an interest in working with eating disorders. An interest in working with teens and families is a plus. Familiarity with Intuitive Eating and weight inclusive care principles is also ideal in addition to a formal trauma training such as EMDR, ART, CPT. Regular individual consultation and team support meetings will be offered as well as CEDS supervision.

Here at Restored Purpose Counseling, we believe in creating the best atmosphere for our clients and employees. Our mission is to create an environment (in person or virtually) that cultivates healing and safety to allow those that are hurting from various issues (eating disorders, trauma & life experiences) to find hope, healing and a life worth living. We work to reconnect individuals with their purpose. Our vision is to create an all-inclusive location(s) that has all the wrap around services needed for those seeking ED treatment and to expand across FL. 
Our Values: Restored Purpose Counseling lives by values that guide who we are as a team and how we present to our communities. We hire staff who bring these values to life.

Creating strong relationships: Building strong, meaningful relationships is a basic need for all of us. We value building relationships within our community and helping our clients do the same. It’s also a hallmark of our business to promote strong, lasting bonds within our team and to work collaboratively both in the office and out in the community.

Invest in meaningful work: We’re committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients and our team. Our commitment is seen in our beautiful workspace for our employees and a comforting space for our clients.  

Believe in growth: We promote continued education for our clinicians through weekly supervision, CEDS supervision and encouraging trainings in evidence-based practices so clients can feel safe knowing their therapist is always growing in their skill. We believe in growth within the company as opportunities come.  

Promoting inclusion: We promote hiring clinicians of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties to better serve our clients. It’s also important that our office promotes a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in its culture and practice.

Reports to: Clinical Director 
To provide mental health counseling to clients with disordered eating, eating disorders and trauma.
Secondary Job Description: To collaborate with treatment teams, engage in continual professional education, assist with other creative and administrative tasks as needed (documentation, scheduling etc) and serve as a resource and mentor to future interns if that interests you. We are a growing team so there are multiple hats to be worn and growth opportunities.  

Hours: 20-25 hours/week – depending on your capacity and client needs with opportunity grow to FT.
Compensation: Dependent on qualifications
Location: FL based, Jacksonville area.

  • Complete Master’s Degree in a mental health field (i.e. Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Psychology, etc.).
  • Active FL professional license (LCSW, LMHC, LMFT, etc.) or working towards licensure (RCSWI, RMHCI, RMFTI).
  • License must be in good ethical standing.
  • Knowledge and understanding in a wide range of diagnoses and clinical theories
  • Good computer skills, with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Google (i.e., Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc.). Must also have the ability to learn and utilize the company’s internal technical tools and record keeping software.
  • Proficiency and fluency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing English.
  • Provide evidence based, ethical therapeutic counseling to individuals with disordered eating and eating disorders
  • Use sound judgment and critical thinking when making client assessments and providing counseling to clients
  • Collaborate with treatment teams and clients in an appropriate and effective way
  • Engage in and invest time + resources to ongoing professional learning, networking and growth
  • Keep open, frequent communication with all members of the RPC team and participate in team meetings
  • Communicate regularly with clients’ other treatment team members
  • Evaluate client’s progress, revising their plan as indicated per individual needs
  • Manage client caseload: coordinate initial consultation calls, schedule clients, maintain notes, collect and document payments
  • Refer clients to appropriate providers/resources when indicated
  • Maintain and model professional boundaries
  • Demonstrate and model a peaceful relationship with food and body for clients
  • Familiarity with community mental health resources
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Maintenance of all legal and ethical standards appropriate to therapist professional license as well as standards of Restored Purpose Counseling
  • Skills and Knowledge (at least a basic understanding)
  • Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in counseling or social work.
  • Active, unrestricted license (PhD, PsyD, LCSW, LMFT or LMHC) in the State of Florida (fully licensed preferred). A copy must be provided to Restored Purpose Counseling.
  • Understanding of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating philosophies and principles
  • Ethics of mental health profession
  • Training in Trauma modality such as EMDR, CPT, ART
  • Training in DBT, CBT, ACT, and/or Motivational Interviewing
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to think critically and problem solve in challenging and complex situations
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary, team oriented environment
  • And the ability to create space from work for your own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Qualifications: You need to have a Masters degree or higher and have an active license in the state of FL. 
  • Accountability:
  • Complete all required documentation in a timely manner, keeping detailed notes/records, while monitoring progress
  • Complete a minimum of 10 clinical hours per week. Therapist is encouraged to schedule more sessions, but may be advised to decrease number of sessions if functionality is noted to be impaired 
  • Available to schedule sessions in evenings Monday through Thursday, and/or any hours Friday-Sunday 
  • Maintain active malpractice insurance.
  • Basic maintenance of office space 
  • Attend clinical staff meetings as required by clinical director and owner
  • Conduct in-person and virtual sessions 
  • Other duties as assigned by clinical director and owner 
  • Ideal candidates will have:
  • Availability and interest in working up to a full-time caseload (18-25 clients weekly with the option to see more as desired)
  • Ideal candidates should have at least one-year of experience in a clinical or outpatient setting working with eating disorders. We are willing to hire someone with less experience if they demonstrate enthusiasm, an eagerness to learn, and have internship experience in an outpatient setting.
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
  • The ability to work collaboratively with clients and build strong rapport
  • The ability to work collaboratively with other treatment providers as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • A willingness to receive and integrate feedback
  • A commitment to learning about and being open to the experiences of those with identities different from one’s own (especially as they relate to eating, body image and embodiment)
  • Self-awareness and a willingness to engage in ongoing self-reflection
  • A commitment to practicing nutrition counseling through an anti-oppressive lens
  • Friendly, people oriented and excited to be a part of this team!

Provide in written format, why you’d be a good fit for this position and how you could add to our team. 
Send your resume/CV in addition to any previous work/accomplishments pertinent to this position. 
Email the above to: admin@myrestoredpurpose.com

Position Title: Therapist 

Primary Job Description: 

Roles and responsibilities

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Here's a glimpse into the benefits you will receive by becoming part of our clinical team.

Individual counseling

Our therapists in central Florida and beyond use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help best serve the unique needs of each individual client. Some of our specialties include eating disorder therapy, trauma therapy, and anxiety therapy. Many of our clinicians are trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR). For those in eating disorder recovery, we also offer 1:1 nutrition counseling sessions.

Group therapy

While we believe in the power of individual therapy, we also recognize how healing it can be to process your thoughts and feelings in a group of people with similar life experiences. While our groups are generally geared toward eating disorder recovery, anyone who is interested in reevaluating their relationship with food can benefit.

Dedicated team

Work with a dedicated team of professionals that are here to support you!

  • Administrative Team: Client phone calls, Scheduling clients, adding clients to EHR system, gathering insurance information all handled by our admin team.
  • Billing team: Handles all billing and insurance.
  • Marketing team: Social media, website design, and marketing done for you! 

Office space & remote work

Want to work in an office? We have two locations:


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Want to work remote?

Awesome! We have many clinicians working remotely throughout the US. We also welcome hybrid work. 


Are you a provisionally licensed therapist wanting to join our team? We love to support and train the next generation of therapists.

We offer supervision as a part of working with Restored Purpose. Provisionally licensed staff may only work in person at one of our offices. 

Work with our team of highly experienced clinicians and attend weekly supervision with one of our licensed therapists. 

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